The Investment Objective of the Fund is to achieve equity related returns with a volatility lower than the equity markets over the medium to long term.

The Fund will invest its assets in a diversified portfolio of  stocks, bonds, convertible securities, debt instruments, common and preferred shares and derivatives of shares, open-end and closed-end investment companies, hedge funds, private equity and initial public offerings. The investment manager has maximum flexibility with regards to the asset allocation.


The Fund will invest its assets in various alternative investment instruments that will use a diverse range of investment strategies. The focus will be on hedge funds with long-short equity and credit-based strategies. A minimum of 10% of the assets will be invested in UCITS funds with a liquidity of less than one week or in liquid assets.

The goal is to achieve a net return of 5-6% per annum in the medium and long term with a volatility 4-5%.


The Investment Objective of the Fund is to achieve high return from capital growth and income by investing in undervalued or distressed debt instruments and special situations through in-depth analysis.

The Investment Strategy of the Fund is to invest in distressed debt obligations and structured products. The fund targets for example Trade Claims that have an underlying value in the form of cash held at the bankrupt debtor’s account, pending allocation to the various creditors. Trade Claims are claims against companies that are in state of bankruptcy.


Amstel Capital Malta Limited is an independent, privately held, investment management firm. A focused investment specialist providing unique investment strategies. These strategies are offered in our bespoke funds for professional investors.

Dedicated to generate stable long-term returns with risk under control.

Headquartered in Malta, established in 2005.

Authorized and licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority.



Risk Control - investment process focused on attractive risk adjusted returns

Alternatives - 17+ years experience with alternative investments / hedge funds.

Distressed - 20+ years experience with distressed investments.

We focus on market niches, looking for value across a wide range of asset classes, seeking out risk adjusted returns through our range of funds.

"Our goal is to achieve attractive returns with limited downside risk" 

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